Robert L Kiester III inspected our home for us and he was amazing! He made the process super easy and he inspected every square inch of the property. We are extremely happy customers of his. We are absolutely certain any other inspector would have no where near Roberts expertise and attention to detail! Thank you Robert!!!!! -

William M.
My husband and I are real estate agents and have been for years. It's critical to us that our buyers are confident that the home they are buying has been thoroughly inspected and that there are no surprises. We have used Robert Kiester of Gold Key Inspections for several years and have never questioned the care and thoroughness of his work. Our buyers have been very satisfied and confident that they know what condition the homes are in prior to purchase. We would recommend Robert highly to anyone looking for a great home inspector.

Barbara S.
As this was my first time purchasing a home, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the home inspection process. The home I was considering was nearly thirty years old, and had been a foreclosure. An accurate and thorough inspection was vital, as I had some trepidation about spending a large sum of money on a potential money pit. Fortunately, my realtor recommended Robert Kiester, the senior inspector at Gold Key Inspection Service. When I arrived for the post-inspection meeting, I was struck by Robert's level of professionalism and competence. He certainly knows his business! I was extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection. No small item eluded Robert's eye (and digital camera). He patiently went through the summary of defective and marginal items that he encountered, showing me the photos on his laptop computer and explaining the severity of each item. He didn't miss a thing. I came away feeling reassured that even though the home was nearly 30 years old, and had many minor issues typical of an older home, it was still in relatively good shape. Later, I was amazed at the final report I received in my e-mail. It read like a book; very professionally done with each section containing an itemized list and corresponding photos. It made it very easy to communicate the needed repairs to the seller prior to me taking over the property. In conclusion, due to Robert Kiester's extreme level of competence, I feel I was able to make a sound decision in acquiring my home. I would highly recommend Gold Key Inspection Service and their senior inspector, Robert Kiester.

Phil S.
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