Phoenix Area Pricing
Homes, Condos, Townhomes, MFD
Up to 1250 Sq Ft. $360.00
1251 – 1500 Sq Ft. $375.00
1501- 2000 Sq Ft. $410.00
each additional 500 Sq Ft. Add $100.00
Special Services
Crawlspace $200
Out Buildings with Utilites$175
Out Buildings without Utilites $145
Additional Fees
Homes over 10 years add$25
Homes over 20 years add$50
Homes over 30 years add$75
Homes over 40 years add$100
Homes over 50 years add$150
Homes 60 years and older Call for quote
Trip Fees
A trip fee of $75.00 will be added to inspections west of Hwy 17, North of Shea, South of Hunt Hwy and East of Gold Canyon. Please verify your utilities will be on at the time of inspection.
Outside Phoenix Metro in Arizona
Call for quote
Re-Inspections starting at $150.00 + mileage

If you do not get a response from us within 1 business day, please call us to confirm that we received your request (sometimes emails simply don't make it as technology is imperfect.)

If you are requesting service within 24 hours, please call us immediately at 602-541-4444.

Thank you!
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  1. Please verify your utilities will be on for the inspection

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